DCAC... Where Fun and Energy Meet  ~ While Playing Aeroball
The best way to describe Aeroball is
that it is a combination of volleyball
and basketball played on trampolines.

How the Game is Played
At its core, the game is very simple.
Points are scored in two ways. The first
is to throw the ball through the top hole
of the basket in the other player's
compartment, worth two points. If the
shot misses and the other player fails
to grab the ball before it touches the
trampoline bed, one point is awarded.
Once one of the players reaches a
predetermined number of points he is
declared the winner.
Even though the game is simple, players quickly develop complex
techniques to one-up each other. Imagine rocketing skyward
clutching the ball and getting ready to shoot. You look up to see
your opponent perfectly matching you. Time slows to a crawl as you
hang in the air, waiting as long as is humanly possible to launch the
ball at the goal. Gravity stakes its claim, your opponent starts falling
and you hurl the ball missing your opponent's fingertips by mere
inches. Goal! In a heated match, inches are often the measure of
the margin of victory. Players reach astronomical heights in the
competition for vertical superiority, and before long they begin to
invent spectacular shots to disorient, distract or intimidate their
Aeroball is high energy
and enjoyed by all ages!

$4.00 per player for 10 minutes of play time
Hourly rental available for $45 per hour.
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