Laser Tag Equipment
Chose your Equipment for the Ultimate Laser Adventure
A great outdoor laser tag gun.  One of Laser Adventure's best weapons
The Talon
The Talon is small but powerful
submachine gun.  Ideal for
younger people or those that
want increased mobility in the
field without giving up
performance!  The Talon is the
lightest of our guns weighing in
at 4.25 lbs.  Ideal for the long and
mobile game.
Really feels and looks like a military style weapon.  Great for outdoor laser tag at Laser Adventure
The Charger
The Charger provides a more
military style combat rifle built to
provide the best of both
worlds.  Smaller than the
Sentinel, at 6.4 lbs. the Charger
provides accuracy and reliability
for your game.
Age range 10+
The Big Boy Toy, leaving the others behind
The Sentinel
The Sentinel sniper rifle is for
the experienced player
providing great range.  
Weighing 7.5 pounds it requires
a larger person to operate.
Age range 15+
No matter which gun you chose or are assigned, you can
be assured of a great Laser Adventure.