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DCAC... Is Home to Laser Adventure - Outdoor Laser Tag
Laser Adventures is great for:

  • Church Groups
  • School Groups
  • ROTC Training
  • Sports Teams
  • Fraternities
  • Anyone wanting to have fun!

Team up with friends or team up against
them, either way be ready for great fun.

Laser Adventure is like indoor laser tag
in that it uses weapons that don't
actually shoot anything but infra red
light similar to that which your television
remote control uses.  However missions
tend to be more organized in Laser
Adventures than in indoor laser tag and
the experience last usually 3 to 4 times
longer than indoor laser tag.  

Laser Adventures is also similar to paint
ball since it is conducted outdoors.  
Unlike paint ball there is no projectiles
fired from a weapon and therefore no
mess or bruising.  In addition, Laser
Adventure weapons have longer range
than paint ball.  

In essence Laser Adventure takes the
best of both paint ball and laser tag for a
new and exciting activity for anyone age
7 to 80.

Choose to accept one of our  missions
by getting your team together (at least 6
people) and call 615.822.0232 or email to
make your reservations now.

To download a copy of the required
release please
click here.
Laser Adventure at DCAC you can have a variety of guns to give you a new experiance every time.
Pick Your weapon!
Outdoor laser tag is a great way to play with your kids.
No pain and no mess like Paintball.  You can even play with a date!
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