Rules and Regulations
When Everyone Plays by the Rules - Everyone has Fun
Excitement, Adventure and so much more
  1. Every player must sign a release to be allowed to play.
  2. All players must follow the directives of Laser
    Adventure and DCAC staff.
  3. No Climbing trees, hay bails or any other structure.
  4. No knives, firearms, live ammunition or other
    weapons allowed on the playing field or inside DCAC
    premises.  Only equipment provided by Laser
    Adventure staff is permitted on the premises.
  5. All players must stay within the boundaries
    designated during the mission briefing.
  6. Smoking is not permitted on the playing field
  7. Each participant is responsible for wearing
    appropriate clothing, but in every case participants
    must wear enclosed shoes.  Long pants and sleeved
    shirts are recommended.
  8. Players may not cover or take off sensors during play.
  9. Players engaging in behavior that is deemed foolish
    or reckless at the sole discretion of the Laser
    Adventure staff will be removed from the mission
  10. Every participant is responsible for their own actions,
    including walking and running on uneven ground and
    should take appropriate measures to avoid injury to
    themselves and others.  Any participant injured or
    observes an injury, must report such to a Laser
    Adventure or DCAC staff member immediately.
  11. Every participant must follow any additional rules and
    instructions given by the Laser Adventure or DCAC
    staff at the mission briefing or during play.